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  • Urban impact analysis: a new tool for monitoring the geographical effects of federal policies
  • The A. discusses about his own interests and research agenda. He began working on policy issues within the social scientific mode, and he believes now that policy debates should be analysed for their ideological content. He reflects upon a project
  • Regional development and policy : emerging themes of research on Labour, the firm and location
  • Regional development and policy : perspectives of foreign competition and the United States economy
  • Towards an alternative conception of job-search theory and policy : information as an indeterminate process
  • Regional development and policy : the geography of employment
  • Predicting the regional impact of a full employment policy in Canada: a Box-Jenkins approach
  • Decision ; Democracy ; Ethnic group ; Legislation ; Local policy ; Social justice ; Social relations ; United States ; Urban life ; Urban policy
  • Administration ; Decision ; Economic policy ; Legislation ; Regulation theory ; Social policy ; Spatial economy ; State control ; United States
  • The A. wonders if an industrial policy is the best way of rationalizing corporations' economic imperatives with their social obligations. It appears that legislative practices, the actions of regulatory agencies limit the potential of a statutory