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  • Fluvial process and morphology of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India
  • An attempt has been made in this paper to discuss the fluvial processes and morphological aspects of the river Brahmaputra within Assam, especially from its upper reach. The channel of the Brahmaputra River has been migrating because of channel
  • Morphologic changes in the Paraná River channel (Argentina) in the light of the climate variability during the 20th century
  • morphology of this river in its middle reach is quantitatively analyzed in this paper. The link between climate, hydrology and channel morphology is obtained through the computation of effective discharge. The analysis involved the processing of more than 180
  • Rivers turned to rock : Late Quaternary alluvial induration influencing the behaviour and morphology of an anabranching river in the Australian monsoon tropics
  • Late Quaternary alluvial induration has greatly influenced contemporary channel morphology on the anabranching Gilbert River in the monsoon tropics of the Gulf of Carpentaria. A tropical climate and reactive catchment lithology have enhanced
  • The Tapi Gorge lies in the monsoon-dominated region of the Indian subcontinent. The main objectives are to record and explain the longitudinal variations in the morphologic and sediment characters of the sinuous bedrock gorge, and to understand
  • The AA. select 2 regions of the Gangetic plains to compare the morphology, hydrology, and fluvial processes : the Ganga-Yamuna interfluve in the Western Gangetic Plains (WGP) of Utar Pradesh and the Gandak-Kosi interfluve in the Eastern Gangetic