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  • Morphological effects of Pleistocene fault activity in the Sowie Mts., southwestern Poland
  • This paper discusses the morphological and geological evidence for Pleistocene neotectonic faulting and uplift in the northeastern part of the Sowie Mountains where the Sudetic Marginal Fault has its maximum deplacement and uplift rates. Although
  • The purpose of this paper is to describe and interpret neotectonic structures in the famous travertines at Pamukkale. Three morphological varieties of travertine mass are of structural significance: 1) range-front travertines cementing alluvial -fan
  • Uplift and erosion creates truncated spurs on fault-controlled mountain slopes. The stepped morphology of these spurs reflects the uplift history of the Sierra Nevada since late Serravallian times. Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) offer a method