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  • Physical controls and resulting morphological forms of Quaternary ice-contact volcanoes in western Canada
  • Volcanism in association with large quantities of ice manifests itself in a variety of morphological forms developed under differing physical conditions. These physical conditions include the location amount, thickness, and type of confining ice
  • , the location and quantity of trapped water, and the surrounding topography. Quaternary volcanoes influenced by many of these factors are found in western Canada. The morphological forms range from tuyas to subglacial mounds to stratovolcanoes. This paper
  • : the formation of bedrock morphology by chemical weathering; occurences, characteristics and age of saprolites; contemporary chemical denudation rates.
  • -channel systems, the role of supraglacial meltwater input and proglacial water bodies, the controls on esker pattern, and the glaciodynamic condition of the ice sheet at the time of esker formation are discussed. A morphologic classification of eskers