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  • The morphological, social and functional districts of Stirling, 1798-1881 in The Victorian city.
  • Influence of deep water circulation and sea floor morphology on the abundance and grade of central south Pacific manganese nodules
  • A new approach for the geographical study of settlement morphology for rural settings
  • This paper is concerned with an approach for studying rural settlement morphology in frontier or permanently occupied areas. A thorough consideration of periodic rural dwelling distribution is provided with the approach since it requires
  • in southwestern Oklahoma, USA. Nearest neighbor and quadrat analyses are used for describing settlement morphologies that, with time, exhibited clustering tendencies. Dwellings comprising the contemporary settlement occupied sites that indicated rural inhabitants
  • Morfologie van een mijnstad The morphology of a mine town
  • The changing morphology of suburban crime
  • Information and morphology in cognitive maps
  • Changing metropolitan morphology and municipal service expenditures in cities and rings in Metropolitan and regional change in the United States.
  • The emphasis in those studies has gradually moved from morphological to functional approaches, accompanied by a historical approach, looking for the process of decision-making. In general, Japanese transport geography lacks applicational studies
  • connects local and global levels of analysis, ant that of relating theoretical approaches on the one hand to functionnal and morphological approaches on the other.
  • The paralic aquatic environments which are situated between the marine and continental realms are extremely different as far as their shape, morphology and genesis. On the contrary, the biological populations are characterized by species strictly
  • Five different morphological types of ectomycorrhizae have been counted in three treatments (control, Ca, and NPKCa) of a fertilization experiment in a mature beech forest on acid soil with moder-type humus. Nine years after the fertilization