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  • Evolution and changes in the morphologies of Sudanese cities
  • Architecture ; Cultural heritage ; Settlement ; Sixth Century ; Sudan ; Twenty-first century ; Urban area ; Urban change ; Urban fringe ; Urban morphology ; Urban planning ; Urbanization
  • This article investigates the morphological evolution of Sudanese and involves consideration of town planning, building form, and the pattern of land and building utilization.It identifies three broad morphologies: indigenous, African-Islamic
  • , and European style (colonial). The ongoing, rapid urbanization of African cities in general and Sudanese cities in particular points to a need to understand the structure of this urbanization. The morphology of cities includes not only physical structure
  • , but the cultural heritage, economic, and historical values on which it is based. Therefore, preservation, redevelopment, and urban policy underlying future urban expansion must be based on the nature of cities’ morphologies and development.
  • 2014