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  • A morphological approach to understanding preferential flow using image analysis with dye tracers and X-ray computed tomography
  • This paper describes a multi-scale approach to analyse transport mechanisms using visualisation techniques. Chloride and Brilliant Blue tracers were applied to undisturbed soil cores to examine the physical and morphological properties associated
  • 2008
  • The objective of this study was to relate hydrology (saturation) to redoximorphic features (morphology) in coarse-loamy soils of the Coastal Plain in eastern North Carolina. Research was conducted in a hydrologically unaltered site
  • 2008
  • Piedmont and to relate Ks to morphological properties of these horizons. Ten sites across the region were selected, and 21 pedons arranged in 3 transects were described from auger holes and pits. Many factors appear to influence Ks of these soils
  • 2008