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  • The Black Floodplain Soil in the Amöneburger Becken, Germany : a lower Holocene marker horizon and indicator of an upper Atlantic to Subboreal dry period in Central Europe ?
  • In many sediment profiles of Central European floodplains, a black horizon is found between Late Glacial and midle to upper Holocene sediments. This horizon is rich in clay and humic material, and is referred to as Black Floodplain Soil (BFS). Its
  • 2000
  • be fixed as a time demarcation between paleosols/paleohorizons and neo-formations. In central Europe, this corresponds with the end of the Atlantic period.
  • 2000
  • Urban soils in the central part of Moscow consist of a thick layer of municipal waste (the cultural layer). Its thickness varies from 2 to 5 m and can reach 20 m in depressions. It has been affected by pedogenic processes and also contains
  • 2000
  • to that of other central European loess-paleosol sites, and the other (Stalać) with a stronger Mediterranean influence.
  • 2000