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  • The off-site impacts of soil erosion by water in central Belgium
  • Holocene alluvial sediment storage in a small river catchment in the loess area of central Belgium
  • Origin and evolution of closed depressions in central Belgium, European loess belt
  • Spatial and temporal patterns of soil erosion rates in an agricultural catchment, central Belgium
  • Assessment of factors controlling ephemeral gully erosion in Southern Portugal and Central Belgium using aerial photographs
  • Comparison of a dataset with 28 deep gullies, formed in the period 1985-2003 and 123 shallow ephemeral gullies formed in the period 1994-1999 in central Belgium indicates that the deep gullies have clearly different morphological characteristics
  • compared to shallow ephemeral gullies. Several factors were analyzed to understand the formation of deep gullies. The relation between area-specific sediment yield in central Belgium and drainage area, indicates that the development of deep gullies
  • Rapid development and infilling of a buried gully under cropland, central Belgium
  • On the characteristics and origin of closed depressions in loess-derived soils in Europe - a case study from central Belgium
  • The AA. conducted runoff plot experiments in the semi-arid north Ethiopian Tigray highlands to investigate whether erosion rates are within the same order of magnitude as the rates observed in central, east and south Ethiopia, to measure the effects
  • To study the effect of microbiotic soil crusts on soil erosion resistance of loess-derived soils under cropland during concentrated runoff, two study areas in central Belgium were selected in the vicinity of the cities of Leuven and Sint-Truiden
  • seeds in the bare inter-plant areas; and that seeds in the latter are more likely to be translocated by runoff to microsites under shrubs than to other open areas. The study area is located in the Geba river catchment, central Tigray, northern Ethiopia.