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  • Triumph of the nomads: a history of Aboriginal Australia
  • Aboriginal settlements
  • The hordes of discord: Australian aboriginal social organisation reconsidered
  • The urban experience of Aborigines: a structural analysis
  • Voluntary organisations and Australian Aboriginal urban adaptations in Adelaïde
  • Alice through the looking glass: marginalisation in the Aboriginal town camps of Alice Springs
  • The tribal system of appropriation in Aboriginal Australia
  • The participation of Australian Aboriginal women in a changing political environment in Gender and political geography.
  • In pre-European times, Aboriginal women played very important economic roles in their societies, in the religious and political spheres. Today, the variation in the position of women in the society is enormous. At the macro-scale of Australian
  • Housing and health in an aboriginal community in Australia
  • Alice Springs, Australia, has 24 000 people of whom ca 3,500 are Aborigines. These native people are social inferiors in their original homeland. - (DWG)
  • Aborigines and land in Northern Australian development in Environment and development in Australia.
  • Striving for equity : aboriginal socio-economic transformation and development in the 1980 s in Equity in Australia.
  • Sea levels and aboriginal oyster midden at Lake Connewarre, Victoria, Australia
  • The A. examines various aspects of population mobility currently practised by the Warlpiri, a tribally-oriented group of Australian Aborigines. It discusses how many mobility characteristics prevalent in their precontact nomadic lifestyle have been
  • spontaneous trips to visit family elsewhere, mean that these contemporary settlements are used in unconventional ways. Greater understanding of these aspects of Aboriginal mobility would aid planning policies.
  • Australian Aborigines have suffered from exploitation by white Australians since the British first arrived almost two hundred years ago. Throughout this period there have been several changes in the articulation process of both modes of production
  • Springs, one the major urban centres of Aboriginal Australia.
  • that sclerophyll vegetation developed largely from a Late Cretaceous/Early Tertiary immigrant flora in response to drier climatic conditions in the Late Tertiary and to a dramatic increase in burning with the arrival of aboriginal man in the Late Quaternary
  • An aboriginal midden located at the Base of sandstone and shale cliffs near Cape Otway, southwestern Victoria, was excavated in 1980. It contained evidence of occupation of the coast for approximately 1 000 years prior to the contact period