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  • Ignorance and historical geographies of Aboriginal exclusion : evidence from the 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Reasonable Accommodation
  • Aborigines ; Applied geography ; Canada ; Colonization ; Historical geography ; Quebec ; Social exclusion
  • The AA. undertake a geographically sensitive analysis of Quebec's 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commis-sion to demonstrate how ignorance of Aboriginal realities works strategically to sustain unequally occupied rhetorical and material space. They analyze how
  • the law, and ignorance of how it applies to Aboriginal peoples, is mobilized by the Commissioners to create a space from which Aboriginal peoples could be excluded, and highlight the continuity of this strategy with past debates over Que-bec identity
  • The influence of betterment discourses on Canadian Aboriginal peoples in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • Aborigines ; Assimilation ; Canada ; Colonialism ; Discourse ; Historical geography ; Land development ; Power