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  • Ablation glaciaire ; Eau de fonte ; Ecoulement glaciaire ; Glacier ; Géomorphométrie ; Géométrie fractale ; Himalaya ; Pakistan ; SPOT ; Traitement des données ; Télédétection
  • Data processing ; Fractal geometry ; Geomorphometry ; Glacial ablation ; Glacial flow ; Glacier ; Himalaya ; Meltwater ; Pakistan ; Remote sensing ; SPOT
  • This paper examines the large Batura Glacier in Pakistan to determine if spectral variation in satellite data can characterize supraglacial characteristics. Specifically, the spatial statistical structure of SPOT data was examined and compared
  • of the glacier caused by factors such as supraglacial lithology, ice movement, ablation, the collapse of subglacial tunnels, and supraglacial fluvialaction.
  • the following features of the marginal zone: ablation end moraines, marginal edges of outwash plains, ridges and depressions left by the melting of the cores of ice-cored moraines, collar ridges of melt-out lake basins, and marginal kames and kame-and-kettle
  • zones. It is assumed that these specific features were influenced by the changing ice mass balance and by the substratum morphology.
  • The strategy of region-specific development in Italy
  • Specification tests for nested logit models
  • Correlating specific conductivity with total hardness in gypsum karst waters
  • The aim of this paper is to evaluate how adequately simple specific electrical conductivity measurements in the field may be used to estimate amounts of dissolved gypsum and total disolved solids in gypsum karst areas. To illustrate the foreign ion
  • Nektera demograficka specifika Severoceského kraje. (Some demographic specificities of North-Bohemian region)
  • A high density of settlement (150 inh./km) is a further specific characteristics connected with strongly industrial character of the region. High level of urbanization has accelerated due to demographic transformation and centralization of housing
  • Critical specific stream power in gravel-bed rivers
  • Experiments with marked pebbles were carried out on different sized rivers of the Belgian Ardenne (catchment areas varying from less than 1 km2 to 2700 km2). Specific stream power required to cause bedload movement was evaluated and critical values
  • were obtained. Three types of relationship between critical specific stream power and grain size were established.
  • Specific character of esker-type glacial forms on the NE foreland of the Holy Cross Mountains
  • Population estimates for Bangladesh: the use of a specific transitional population model
  • Wrestling with law : (geographical) specificity vs. (legal) abstraction in Law, regulation, and geography. 2.
  • A note on specification of climate variables in models of population migration
  • Specification of wage determination mechanisms in urban labor markets
  • Specification of wage determination mechanisms in urban labor markets
  • Specification of trade in intermediate by-products in aggregate models of supply: a case study
  • Analysing geographical variations in mortality: age-specific and summary measures
  • Location-specific cumulative distribution function (LSCDF) : an alternative to spatial correlation analysis
  • The paper presents an approach for spatial correlation analysis for count variables by comparing their cumulative spatial distributions. Using the concept of LSCDF in classical statistics, it shows that location-specific and its associated K-S-like
  • Specification of the world city network
  • who are the prime actors in world city network formation. This process is formally specified in terms of four international relational matrices. Through this specification it becomes possible to apply standard techniques of network analysis to world
  • This article presents research designed to investigate map use. Specifically, we interrogate the long-held assumption that people use maps for specific purposes and in specific ways and those purposes and ways differ from other types of graphics
  • Zur aufgabenspezifischen kartographischen Modellierung in der Territorialplanung, dargestellt an der Aufgabenstellung Standortverteilung der Produktivkräfte. (Problem-specific cartographical modelling in territorial planning, described
  • The function of the map is the main determinant of map design. With example of the problem of the distribution of stations of production forces the author illustrated a problem-specific determination of the function of thematic maps and the co
  • The behavior of specific sediment yield in different grain size fractions in the tributaries of the middle Yellow River as influenced by eolian and fluvial processes
  • Based on data from 35 stations on the tributaries of the Yellow River, annual specific sediment yield in 8 grain size fractions has been related to basin-averaged annual sand-dust storm days and annual precipitation to reveal the influence of eolian
  • and fluvial processes on specific sediment yield in different grain size fractions. The period from which the data were used is from 1950 to 1970 as basin-wide erosion and sediment control measures have not yet been practiced during this period, and human