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  • SPILL, Jean-Michel
  • SPILL-SEMPÉRÉ, Christiane
  • The World Glory oil spill (1968) revisited
  • Impact ; Indian Ocean ; KwaZulu-Natal ; Marine pollution ; Oil spill ; Pollution ; South Africa
  • The World Glory incident in 1968 created the first documented oil spill in the oceans around South Africa. Prompt action by the authorities, coupled with benign weather conditions, prevented the oil from reaching the shore and a disaster that could
  • The long-term effects of the Amoco Cadiz oil spill
  • Coastal environments and oil spill residues in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia
  • Information needs and priorities for assessing the sensitivity of marine birds to oil spills
  • of the oil spill impact on the marine environnement (sic).
  • Immediatly following the Amoco Cadiz oil spill, the SEPNB carried out health centers for oiled birds from Finistere, and estimated the impact of the oil spill on seabirds. In the whole, 15 to 20000 birds are dead because of the Amoco Cadiz oil spill
  • A social assessment of the Hebei-Spirit oil spill
  • Environment ; Financing ; Impact ; Man-environment relations ; Oil spill ; Pollution ; Regional economy ; Role of the State ; Social cohesion ; South Korea
  • The extraordinary and the everyday in explanations of vulnerability to an oil spill
  • Catastrophe ; Fishing ; Impact study ; Island ; Malaysia ; Man-environment relations ; Marine pollution ; Natural hazards ; Oil spill ; Pollution ; Vulnerability
  • Locating oil spill response equipment and facilities: a cluster analysis approach
  • SPILL C.
  • SPILL J. M.
  • On urban spill-overs and rural transformation: a Canadian example
  • Effect of coastal processes on the distribution and persistence of oil-spilled by the Amoco Cadiz. Preliminary conclusions in Amoco Cadiz. Premières observations des conséquences à court terme de la pollution par hydrocarbures sur l'environnement
  • marin=AmocoCadiz. Preliminary observations of the oil spill impact on the marine environnement (sic).
  • SPILL, C., (Editeur scientifique)
  • of ground slopes and morphological features on spill and flooding of the seasonally flooded grasslands. Through bathymetric surveys and analysis of Landsat images, depth profiles and cross-sectional depth and flow distributions were established. Data from
  • delta as well as the question of spill into the Bahr el Ghazal basin.
  • . The studies indicate that the surface elevation of Pyramid Lake was at or below its spill point to Winnemucca Lake subbasin (1177 m) when the THS layer was deposited and was at its spill point to the Smoke Creek-Black Rock Desert subbasin (1207 m) when
  • Changes in the active layer of a subarctic right-of-way as a result of a crude-oil spill