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  • Mapping names of American businesses: a teaching and software aid
  • Two software tools Phone Disc Business 9J and Business MAP LTFC, can be used to quickly map the names of America's businesses. Mapping them can provide students with insight into how populations see and define themselves regionally; they also show
  • Small business perceptions in the central business district fringes of four metropolitan areas in South Africa
  • Business cycle ; Business district ; Economic activity ; Economic environment ; Location ; Perception ; Redevelopment ; Small and medium-sized firms ; South Africa ; Town ; Urban area
  • The central business district fringes of South African cities have undergone ‘facelifts’ in a cyclical fashion. Many South African city centres went through a period of decline from the mid- to late 1990s, although revitalisation has been observed
  • recently. However, the form that those changes in the fringes take has been variable, as studies of the four main metropolitan areas in South Africa indicate. Business perceptions of small businesses within the fringes on a range of relevant issues
  • Women geographers in business and government : a survey
  • Financing farm business in the United States
  • BUSSI, Michel
  • Innerstädtische Geschäftszentren in Stuggart. Vorläufige Mitteilungen über einen methodischen Ansatz Inner-urban business centres in Stuttgart. Preliminary remarks on a new analytical approach
  • The paper analyses the various branches of retail business. Disregarding the inner area of Stuttgart, which is being totally restructured at the present time, the object of this study has been the rest of the whole Stuttgart town area. The main
  • purpose of this study is to analyse 78 Stuttgart business centres and to set up and exactly define 6types of business agglomerations (without those of the Central Business District and the subcity). A definition of the types is attempted by only taking
  • aspects of the company-building of various branches into account. The number of identical features and factors for company-building of the different branches is surprisingly high. At the end of the paper the different types of urban business centres
  • will be contrasted to those of the central places in non-town areas in order to point out identical features and functions of supply by retail business. (HSC).
  • The recreational business district: a component of the East London urban morphology
  • Recent evolution of the Central Business District in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
  • Business district ; Japan ; Ryukyu ; Urban development ; Urban morphology
  • This paper aims to consider the relationship between recent changes in the central business district of Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and major socio-economic developments in Okinawa during the post war period. - (KA)
  • GIS in business: issues to consider in curriculum decision-making
  • Literature survey of issues that clarify the importance of business interest in geographic information systems to academia. One aim is to provide a starting point for a curriculum design that addresses business needs. - (DWG)
  • Regional policy, urban unemployment and the development of community business in Scotland
  • Chômage urbain ; Community business ; Entreprise ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Indicateur socio-économique ; Politique régionale ; Royaume-Uni ; Scotland
  • Incorporating international business : suggestions for college instruction
  • International business concepts, practices, institutions, agreements.-(D. W. Gade).
  • Stemming the tide : revitalizing the Central Business District of Cape Town
  • Current trends in the Central Business Districts of South African cities are deemed to be problematic by city managers and the business community. A variety of physical planning and policy initiatives instituted to counter current trends
  • and to shore up the Central Business District of Cape Town are explored. Although premature to judge their efficacy, a tentative prognosis is advanced. - (AJC)
  • The location and concentration of businesses in Britain business clusters, business services, market coverage and local economic development
  • Geomarketing: Neue Begriffe = neue Methoden? Mikrogeographische marktsegmentierung, Business Geography, Desktop-Mapping and Business-GIS sollen erfolgreichere Strategien für die gezielte Marktbearbeitung eröffnen
  • Geomarketing: nouveaux concepts = nouvelles méthodes? Segmentation du marché microgéographique, business geography, desktop-mapping et business-GIS doivent offrir des stratégies plus efficaces pour l'étude de marché en question
  • Recreational business districts in Gulf of Mexico seaside resorts
  • Tourist-oriented businesses cluster near the beach in seaside resorts. Morphological examination of the evolution of these districts in eight resorts in west Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mexico. - (DWG)
  • Trend in office supply and the growth of business districts in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • This paper aims to analyze the role of office supply in attracting office functions and promoting the growth of business districts in the Tokyo metropolitan area, by considering the trends in office development, office markets and the location
  • Attitudes of business leaders and professional ecologists toward regulating environmental social costs in South Africa
  • Both professional ecologists and business leaders believe that companies must take responsibility for the social costs of their actions should these impair ecological functioning. - (AJC)
  • Zakelijke diensten en middelgrote steden. Business service firms and medium-sized cities
  • The importance of the business service sector for the urban economy has been made operational by ascertaining the size of the local inputs, the volume of regional exports, and the degree of external control for establishments in thirteen medium
  • Regional business cycle integration along the US-Mexico border
  • Business cycle ; Economic integration ; Mexico ; Regional economy ; Trans-border area ; United States of America