Tendencii v razvitieto na ezednevnite trudovi migracii v NR Bulgaria Tendencies in the development of the everyday labour migrations in the PR of Bulgaria

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An analysis of the commuting to work in Bulgaria on the basis of data for 1975 and 1982 year. (the national figures being respectively 623 and 550 thousand commuters). Out of 1 000 employed, 134 travel dayly to work in another settlement. The number of the commuters depends on the size and industrial development of the attracting urban centers. About 80 % of the migrants work in material goods production. The largest commuting is to Sofia, although its share in the Sofia employment is twice smaller than the country average. - (MB)

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Article de périodique

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Godišnik na Sofijskiâ universitet. Geologo-geografski fakultet. Geografiâ (1964), issn : 0324-0525, 1987, vol. 77, p. 147-157, Références bibliographiques : 6 réf.

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Pays édition : Bulgarie, Sofiâ, Blgarska akademiâ na naukite
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