Morfostruktura dna jugo-zapadnoj Atlantiki i morja Skotija

Morphostructure du fond du Sud-Ouest de l'Atlantique et de la mer de la Scotia

Biologičeskie i geologičeskie issledovanija dna okeana v Južnoj Atlantike

Etudes biologiques et géologiques du fond de l'océan dans l'Atlantique Sud

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Morphostructural transformation and stages of the geological history of the Scotia Sea were studied in connection with spreading of the Mid-Scotia Ridge, which has undergone a series of evolutionary cycles during the movement of the ancient South-American and Antarctic lithospheric plates and young Scotia plate. The opening of the Scotia Sea (South Antillean basin) had taken place at 30-31 m.y. ago; the Drake Strait―at 20-23 m.y. At the same time the Antarctic Circumpolar Current―the dominant features of the Southern Ocean circulation―was arised. Investigation carried out during cruises of the r/v « Academic Kurchatov » (1985) and the r/v « Dmitry Mendeleev » (1989) permitted to reveal principal geomorphological properties of the South-Antillean basin, its bordering ridges and Mid-Scotia Ridge. One more ridge of mid-oceanic type was created in eastern part of the Scotia Sea about 7 m.y. ago (Late Miocene). Some new transform faults were discovered. A new morphostructural map of South-West Atlantic Ocean and Scotia Sea was compiled. - (L'A.).

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Article de monographie

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Trudy Instituta okeanologii im. P.P. Sirsova, issn : 0375-8419, 1990, vol. 126, p. 137-171, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 36 réf.

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Pays édition : Urss, Moskva, Nauka

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