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Unruly urbanisation on Delhi's fringe. Changing patterns of land use and livelihood

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Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, Pays-Bas

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The national capital of India, Delhi, is a city where indisputable economic progress related to urbanisation is accompanied by tremendous environmental concerns, congestion, poverty, and housing shortages. This thesis focuses on the rural-urban fringe, which is the ultimate battlefield of the environmental and socio-economic change brought about by urbanisation. The objective is to reveal the impact of urbanisation on the villages in Delhi's rural-urban fringe. The research areas are : Alipur Development Block north of the urban area of Delhi and Najafgarh Development Block west of Delhi. - (AGD)

Mots-clés :
Changement social - Delhi - Environnement urbain - Frange urbaine - Inde - Logement - Structure - Urbanisation - Utilisation du sol
Delhi - Housing - India - Land use - Social change - Urban environment - Urban fringe - Urbanization

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Collection Nederlandse geografische studies, issn : 0169-4839, 2000, vol. 270, nombre de pages : 190, Collation : Illustration

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isbn : 90-6809-294-4

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Pays édition : Pays-Bas, Groningen, Faculteit der Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

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