Processus géodynamiques et cartographie des mouvements de terrain dans la région de Chaouène : application à la confortation de la route principale N°39 Rif occidental, Maroc

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Université de Paris 07, Paris

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The objectif of this research was to analyze and cartography geodynamic natural processes of man-trade infrastructure, a road track in a humid mountain region of the Western Rif, southeast of Chaouène. The methodology of treating data from regional to local scale consists on a specific GIS base integrating different input data types. A first general view of the natural environment was obtained by describing the inventory of orohydrography, soil occupation types, regional climate and geology. Geomorphological information was taken from a morphostructural and morphodynamic map at a scale of 1/20.000. The construction of a DEM in addition to further thematical map products allowed to process further morphometric GIS analysis of the region by using the GIS software Arc/Info. Further preliminary studies for the planning of new roads can be build up on the rectified data results. 2 examples of local problems are discussed : 1. the landslides of Bouhalla, in particular to the disorders perpeturated on the main road nr.39 ; 2. the fall of rock at Amtrasse, having been the object from a detailed study of a multivariable resource analysis. - (L'A.).

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Thèse nouveau doctorat, Géographie, 1998, nombre de pages : 171, Collation : Illustration

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Pays édition : France

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