Questions fondamentales du développement et de l'organisation du système en Croatie

Znanstveni skup Prometni sustav, ekonomsko-socijalni razvoj i orgnizacija prostora (Serbo-Croate

Système des transports, développement économique et social

Osnova pitanja razvoja i organizacije prometnog sustava Hrvatske (Serbo-Croate

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Croatian Geographical Society, Zagreb

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With the formation of the independent Croatian State the traffic problems have gained a primary importance. It has become apparent that the inherited traffic system needs to be adjusted to the needs of the new State. At the same time a demand has emerged for the prompter traffic evaluation with the aim of taking advantage of the geographic position of Croatia. Consequently, consideration has been given to the aspects of international links and the inclusion of Croatia into the networks of European and world traffic.

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International Symposium on traffic system, economic and social development and spatial organization, Zagreb, Croatie, 1992-10-22, Geografski glasnik, issn : 0016-7258, 1993, vol. 55, p. 13-27, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 9 ref.

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