Drought disasters and environmental change during past 30 years in Africa

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Nanjing University, Dept. of Geo and Ocean Sciences, Nanjing 210093, Chine

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The basic situation of the droughts and drought disasters are introduced briefly, and the main causes resulting in drought disasters are analysed in the paper. The lack of rainfall is one of the factors but not the real one. From environmmental viewpoints, the drought disasters in Africa resulted from unsuitable land use and management by man. Finally, the strategy for preventing drought disasters in Africa is suggested.

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Article de périodique

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The Journal of Chinese geography, issn : 0218-1444, 1996, vol. 6, n°. 1, p. 92-100, Références bibliographiques : 14 ref.

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Pays édition : Singapour, Singapore, Guoji Translation and Publishing

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