Regionen an deutschen Grenzen. Strukturwandel an der ehemaligen innerdeutschen Grenze und an der deutschen Ostgrenze

Les régions frontalières allemandes. Changement de structure sur l'ancienne frontière interallemande et sur la frontière orientale de l'Allemagne

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The present political and economic changes in Germany and in Europe give cause to new intensity research with its main impact on the above called border regions. The introductory contribution by Grimm analyses the historical aspects, the increasing importance of the regional effects of borders. There are altogether 8 papers which deal with the reconstruction of previous frontier structure in a border sector between Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, the new supply market situation in Southern Thuringia and Upper Franconia, the local centralisation changes (Suhl) and with Germany's ocean frontiers. An other topic covers the changes of the settlement system on the Oder-Neisse-Border with new developed thematic maps. - (IH)

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Collection Beiträge zur Regionalen Geographie, 1995, vol. 38, nombre de pages : 148, Collation : Illustration

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isbn : 3-86082-018-4

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Leipzig, Institut für Länderkunde

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