Lebenswelt Peripherie. Über die Rolle des Wohnungsbaus in der neueren Stadtentwicklung

L'espace de vie Périphérie. Sur le rôle de la construction de logements dans le développement urbain récent

Stadt - Landschaft. Orientierungen und Bewertungsfragen zur Entwicklung der Agglomerationsräume

Ville - Paysage. Orientations et questions d'évaluation pour le développement des espaces agglomérés

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Due to the unchanged preferences of housing policy - the demand for garden-oriented, owner-occupied housing with corresponding building land requirements and the trend towards out-migration into suburban areas - one must detach oneself from ideas and expectations that are exclusively directed towards the (supposed) coherence of the European city. The programmatic object is rather to develop a strategy and an aesthetic which does justice to the hybrid periphery. Modern housing construction which is adapted to this problem area could provide important impulses in this respect. - (MT)

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Article de monographie

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Informationen zur Raumentwicklung, issn : 0303-2493, 1998, n°. 7-8, p. 483-493, Références bibliographiques : dissem.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Bonn, Bundesforschungsanstalt für Landeskunde und Raumordnung

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