The new development of rural China

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WU, C.J.

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The rural reforms in China are going on since 1978, dissolving the people's communes and adopting the household responsibility system. They introduced collective land ownership by the villages and the peasant's right to manage and use it. The new system has aroused peasant's enthousiasm and 50% of the surplus labourers shifted to rural industries. Another 25% of the surplus rural labourers have moved to the towns and cities to run services of all kinds, enhancing the links of the rural and the urban.

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Article de périodique

Source :
Bulletin de la Société belge d'études géographiques, issn : 0037-8925, 1997, vol. 66, n°. 1, p. 101-105

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Pays édition : Belgique, Gand, Société belge d'études géographiques

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