Analysis of 20th century rainfall and streamflow to characterize drought and water resources in Puerto Rico

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The aim of this paper is to characterize recent droughts of Puerto Rico in terms of rainfall accumulation, streamflow in rivers feeding the principal reservoirs, and public supply reservoir levels. These droughts are compared to the droughts recorded during the 1960s and 1970s. The droughts are discussed in the context of the Puerto Rican setting, an island in the humid tropics with short, high gradient streams, small watersheds and reservoirs, and where, during the past 40 years, population and per capita water consumption have increased dramatically, while reservoir storage capacity has declined.

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Article de périodique

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Physical geography, issn : 0272-3646, 2000, vol. 21, n°. 6, p. 494-521, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 4 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Abingdon, Taylor and Francis

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