The Authority of influence. Women and power in Burmese history

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The A. seeks to provide a long view of gender-power relations in Burmese history. She examines women’s access to social, economic and political power over an extended period. Most Burma historians will be familiar with the political influence of queens and the arguments put forward about women’s relatively high social status and economic influence in pre-colonial society. Over one hundred years ago Burmese women assume a freedom unknown elsewhere. While Burmese society has undergone dramatic transformation and upheaval during the last 125 years, in many respects women’s relationship to power remains little different from what it was centuries ago. The A endeavors to explain how they lost that power, and what attempt some women have made to recover it. There is much uncertainty and debate about how the political, social and economic landscape of Burma may be –or may not- be changing. Only 20 women were elected to the 659-seat national parliament in the first general election since 1990. - (GL)

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Collection Gendering Asia, 2012, n°. 7, 370 p., Références bibliographiques : 32 p.

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isbn : 978-87-7694-089-8 978-87-7694-088-1

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Pays édition : Danemark, Copenhagen, NIAS Press ; University of Copenhagen

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