Morphology and solution relationships of three karren slopes in different environments (Totes Gebirge, Eastern Alps)

Geomorphological environments. Research methods on biotic and abiotic anvironments

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Univ. of West-Hungary, Fac. of Natural Sciences, Inst. of Geography, Szombathely, Hongrie

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The AA. compared karren formation of various slopes (3 bare slopes and 2 with a plant patch) in a glacier valley close to Tragl peak (in Totes Gebirge, Austria). It could be established that bare slopes have a larger average specific width, channel shape and channel density. The dynamics of karren features are different on the bare slopes and slopes fed from a plant patch. Karren features tend to widen on bare slopes, while they tend to deepen on slopes with a plant patch. The specific width is greater on slope with Pinus mugo than on slopes with a grass patch, and the specific cross-section area of the channel is also greater. Hence the solution intensity is higher on slopes fed from Pinus mugo than on slopes fed from a grass patch.

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Article de monographie

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Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, issn : 0372-8854, 2012, vol. 56, n°. 2, Suppl., p. 47-62, nombre de pages : 16, Références bibliographiques : 20 ref.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Stuttgart, Gebruder Borntraeger

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