Geomorphic effects of mosses in a low-order stream in Fairfax County, Virginia

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Dep. of Geography, Western Illinois Univ., Macomb, Etats-Unis

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This project evaluated the rate of bank erosion and effectiveness of mosses as a factor in reducing bank erosion in Thompson Creek, Virginia. The Thompson Creek watershed is dominated by non-cohesive sandy strata and a thick canopy cover. Field surveys were conducted to record stream bank erosion and changes in moss patches over time. A variety of techniques, including repeat photography, erosion pins, visual observations, and measurements of channel morphology, were used in field surveys. In general, erosion rates appear to be high in Thompson Creek. The dominant processes of bank erosion are undercutting and bank collapse. However, the majority of moss-covered sites remained intact during the study period. The results of field investigations revealed that mosses have a potential role in stabilizing stream banks.

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Article de périodique

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Physical geography, issn : 0272-3646, 2012, vol. 33, n°. 4, p. 360-382, nombre de pages : 23, Références bibliographiques : 4 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Abingdon, Taylor and Francis

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