Two Vidalians : Antoine Vacher, 1873-1920, and René Musset, 1881-1977

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Antoine Vacher and René Musset were direct disciples of Paul Vidal de la Blache. Musset delivered a thoroughly balanced doctoral study of the Maine area of France, with both physical and human geography being explored. By contrast, Vacher’s doctorate on the Berry area concentrated almost exclusively on physicalgeography in his doctorate.Musset was a perfectionist who laboured long and hard to refine his logic and his style, while Vacher missed deadlines and let errors slip through but dared to do theunconventional. His early death robbed French scholarship of a promising physicalgeographer. Both men participated in interuniversity geographical excursions, andboth taught at the University of Rennes, acquiring varying degrees of expertise in thegeography of western France. After Rennes, Vacher taught at Lille but his career wasinterrupted by World War I and he died young. Musset left his mark in the literature and in the lives ofhis students but he remained little known beyond France. – (HC)

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Geographers. Biobibliographical studies, issn : 0308-6992, 2012, vol. 31, p. 64-80, nombre de pages : 17

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