André Cholley, 1886-1968

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André Cholley was educated in the city of Lyon where he was taught by Emmanuel de Martonne. Cholley’s doctoral work on the Pre-Alps of Savoy embraced Vidalian regional geography and a Davisian approach to landscape analysis. Appointed to the Sorbonne in 1927, Cholley came to adopt a process-orientated approach to geomorphology, advocated a holistic conception of geography and introduced a rudimentary systems approach covering both physical and human components of the discipline. As a stimulating lecturer, inspiring mentor of graduate students, author of influential textbooks, efficient editor of academic journals, friendly yet business-like faculty dean, and long-serving director of the Institute of Geography in Paris, the contribution of Cholley to the development of geography merits attention. – (HC)

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Article de périodique

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Geographers. Biobibliographical studies, issn : 0308-6992, 2012, vol. 31, p. 104-118, nombre de pages : 15

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