The aftermath of an election crisis : Kenyan attitudes and the influence of individual-level and locality violence

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Dept. of Geography, Institute of Behavioral Science, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, Etats-Unis

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The A. analyses the aftermath of an election crisis through Kenyan attitudes and the influence of individual-level and locality violence. He finds that respondents who personally experienced electoral violence are less likely to express certain forms of inter-personal and institutional trust than those individuals who did not. He also tests how local level violence may indirectly condition Kenyan political attitudes. Across all models, individual-level exposure to violence has the most consistent influence upon opinions, although district level effects emerge in analyses without survey respondent ethnicity controls. This finding suggests that living in a setting of regional insecurity does not have as important an effect on certain political views as personal victimization.

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Article de périodique

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Political geography, issn : 0962-6298, 2013, vol. 37, p. 5-17, nombre de pages : 13, Références bibliographiques : 2 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Oxford, Butterworth-Heinemann

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