Web presence of academic geographers : a generational divide?

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Dept. of Geography, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, Etats-Unis

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In this article, the Web practices of academic geographers are examined through an Internet-based survey, to better understand how these geographers both present themselves through the Internet and perceive the importance of such practices around Web presence. Situated within this increasing importance of the Internet as part of professional practice and the neoliberalization of the university, the changes in the teaching and research of academics are overviewed. It then discusses the findings, which indicate a relationship between generation and Web practices, and further reinforce the need for a more central discussion of the importance of Web presence within the context of a knowledge economy.

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Article de périodique

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The Professional geographer, issn : 0033-0124, 2014, vol. 66, n°. 1, p. 73-81, nombre de pages : 9, Références bibliographiques : 2 p.

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Pays édition : Etats-Unis, Cambridge, MA, Blackwell

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