Youth on streets and Bob-a-Job Week : urban geographies of masculinity, risk, and home in postwar Britain

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Department of Geography, Univ., Loughborough, Royaume-Uni

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Through the case study of Bob-a-Job Week in Britain launched in 1949, this article examines the institutional geographies of responsibility, risk, and reward embedded in this activity, orchestrated by the Scout organisation in Britain. Furthermore, it explores how this fundraising spectacle also functioned as a hybrid space that permitted ‘feminine’ domestic tasks as appropriate for ‘British boyhood’ until the scheme’s eventual demise in the 1990s. Overall, the complex geographies of Bob-a-Job Week reveal how this organisation negotiated the boundaries between domestic and public space, providing an insight into broader constructions of youth and gender in the postwar period.

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Article de périodique

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Environment and planning A, issn : 0308-518X, 2014, vol. 46, n°. 1, p. 112-128, nombre de pages : 17, Références bibliographiques : 3 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, London, Pion

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