The impact of the built environment on bicycle commuting : evidence from Beijing

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College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking Univ., Beijing, Chine

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This article examines the impact of the built environment on bicycle commuting through evidence from Beijing. It shows that higher destination accessibility, a higher number of exclusive bicycle lanes, a mixed environment and greater connectivity between local streets tend to increase the use of the bicycle. Also, higher levels of public transit services tend to decrease rather than increase bicycle commuting. The results imply that the drastic changes in the built environment are a major reason for the demise of ‘the kingdom of bicycles’ in China.

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Article de périodique

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Urban studies (Harlow), issn : 0042-0980, 2014, vol. 51, n°. 5, p. 1019-1037, nombre de pages : 19, Références bibliographiques : 3 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Harlow, Longman Group

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