Morphological responses and sediment processes following a typhoon-induced dam failure, Dahan River, Taiwan

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Dept. of Biological and Ecological Engineering, Corvallis, Etats-Unis
Dept. of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Univ., Cheng Kung, Taiwan, Province de Chine

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Stored gravel and sand was exposed when Barlin Dam, located on the Dahan River, failed during Typhoon WeiPa in 2007. Topography, bulk sediment samples, aerial photos, and simulated hydraulic conditions are analyzed to investigate temporal and spatial patterns in morphology and likely sediment transport regimes. Results document the rapid response of the reservoir and downstream channel, which occurred primarily through incision and adjustment of channel gradient. Hydraulic simulations illustrate how the dominant sediment transport regime likely varies between study periods with sediment yield and caliber and with the frequency and duration of high flows. The results indicate that information on variability in sediment transport regime, valley configuration, and distance from the dam is needed to explain the rate and pattern of morphological changes across study periods.

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Article de périodique

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Earth surface processes and landforms, issn : 0197-9337, 2014, vol. 39, n°. 2, p. 245-258, nombre de pages : 14, Références bibliographiques : 1 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Chichester, Wiley

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