Jean Tricart, 1920-2003

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The doctoral work of Jean Tricart pioneered French climatic geomorphology and the study of periglaciation. Strongly influenced by his mentors at the Sorbonne, he placed great emphasis on the interaction of physical and human processes to produce geographical environments, and on the detailed recording of landforms through geomorphological mapping. Spending the whole of his professorial career at Strasbourg, he established an innovative centre for applied geography that used geographical knowledge and techniques to tackle practical management problems. His entrepreneurial ability was directed towards contract research in many parts of the world. Tricart was an inspiring and demanding teacher, who wrote textbooks on aspects of geomorphology, applied geography and ‘ecogeography’. A man of strong opinions, with an allegiance to the far left of politics, he alienated some colleagues while earning the admiration of others. - (HC)

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Article de périodique

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Geographers. Biobibliographical studies, issn : 0308-6992, 2014, vol. 33, p. 11-41, nombre de pages : 31

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