Feminists and Sandinistas in Nicaragua : Then and Now

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Dans ce numéro spécial consacré aux féministes et aux Sandinistes au Nicaragua, on trouvera les articles suivants : 1-Undemocratic legacies : first-wave feminism and the Somocista women's movement in Nicaragua, 1920s–1979 ; 2-Struggling against the ‘worst-case scenario’? Strategic conflicts and realignments of the feminist movement in the context of the 2006 Nicaraguan elections ; 3-Love, family values and reconciliation for all, but what about rights, justice and citizenship for women? The FSLN, the women's movement, and violence against women in Nicaragua ; 4-Indigenous, mestizo and Afro-descendent women against violence : building interethnic alliances in the context of regional autonomy ; 5-Organising the hombre nuevo gay : LGBT politics and the second Sandinista revolution ; 6-The challenge of inclusive identities and solidarities : discourses on gender and sexuality in the Nicaraguan women's movement and the legacy of Sandinismo.

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Fascicule thématique

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Bulletin of Latin American research (Online), issn : 1470-9856, 2014, vol. 33, n°. 3, p. 259-349, nombre de pages : 91

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Oxford, Blackwell

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