Spatial analysis of morphometric indices : the case of Bolu pull-apart basin, western section of North Anatolian Fault System, Turkey

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Dept. of Geological Engineering, Suleyman Demirel Univ., Isparta, Turquie
Mining Engineering Dept., Middle East Technical Univ., Inonu Bulvari, Ankara, Turquie

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This study defines the tectonic impact of the North Anatolian fault system (NAFS) on the evaluation and activity of the Bolu pull-apart basin using morphometric indices based on topographic maps. In this study, 3 indices including valley floor width to height ratio (Vf), asymmetry factor (Af), and Stream Length Gradient Index (SL) are applied to the tectonic basin area. To detect the deviation from spatial randomness of applied indices, the weighted correlation coefficient Moran's I is used, and results are interpreted at 99% confidence interval. According to the results, the tectonic impact of NAFS on the northern and western sides of the basin distinctly differs from one another. Clustered distribution of Vf and Af values on the southern side of the basin margin reveals that this side of the basin margin is tectonically more deformed compared with the northern side.

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Article de périodique

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Geodinamica acta, issn : 0985-3111, 2012, vol. 25, n°. 1-2, p. 86-95, nombre de pages : 10, Références bibliographiques : 1 p.

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, Abingdon, Taylor and Francis

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