Badlands in marl lithologies : A field guide to soil dispersion, subsurface erosion and piping-origin gullies

Updating badlands research

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Middlesex Univ., Flood Hazard Research Centre, London, Royaume-Uni
Dept. of Geography, Univ., Zaragoza, Espagne
Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem, Israel

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This paper presents a decision-support tool to assist the effective diagnosis of a landscape's principal genetic process suite. The soil's behaviour in response to its geochemistry in marls with high exchangeable sodium percentages (ESPs) is outlined in simple terms with minimum use of laboratory or field chemical investigations. Using examples the paper then presents a simple set of form indicators that can be used in the field to diagnose the possibility that subsurface process are dominating landscape erosion. Surface crust character, ephemeral rills, and large subsurface tunnel settings are explained and classified. In a final section, the geomorphological implications of piping in gullied landscapes are explored by reference to the literature on connectivity.

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Article de monographie

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Catena (Giessen), issn : 0341-8162, 2013, vol. 106, p. 42-53, nombre de pages : 12, Références bibliographiques : 1 p.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Cremlingen-Destedt, Catena

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