Geodiversity and landscape sensitivity : a geomorphological perspective

Geodiversity and Scotland

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School of Natural Sciences, Department of Environmental Science, University of Stirling, Stirling, Royaume-Uni

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The geomorphological component of geodiversity becomes central in wider contexts and is examined here as a response to the operation of endogenic and exogenic processes interacting over different time periods. The process coupling between the landscape elements comprising geodiversity requires a dynamic approach to their management and conservation, with attention to their sensitivities to changes in climate, weather patterns and land management. Geodiversity is dependent on the scale of enquiry, and the unique features of many iconic landforms may have their greatest significance at the global scale. If geodiversity is to be relevant to scenarios for managing climate change impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity, a full understanding of the process interactions with the landscape is required, in parallel with the development of numerical modelling of form and process at a variety of scales.

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Article de monographie

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Scottish geographical journal (Online), issn : 1751-665X, 2012, vol. 128, n°. 3-4, p. 195-210, nombre de pages : 16, Références bibliographiques : 2 p.

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