Measuring the dragging effect of natural resources on economic growth : evidence from a space–time panel filter modeling in China

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School of Economics and Management, Univ., Nanchang, Chine
Dept. of Geography and Geology, Eastern Michigan Univ., Ypsilanti, Etats-Unis

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This article develops a space–time panel filter model to measure the dragging effects of the arable land and available water resources on economic growth in China at both the national and regional levels. First, it describes the research design, including the proposed model and methodology. It then discusses the data ,the cross-sectional dependence tests, spatial correlation tests, and STPFM, as well as the drag estimation. The results show that the aggregate drag of arable land and available water resources reduces annual economic growth rate by about 1.3 percentage points in China as a whole, and significant differences exist in both disaggregate and aggregate drags over the provinces and regions.

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Article de périodique

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Annals of the Association of American Geographers, issn : 0004-5608, 2013, vol. 103, n°. 6, p. 1539-1551, nombre de pages : 13

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Pays édition : Etats-Unis, Washington, DC, Association of American Geographers

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