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Didaktische Rekonstruktion als Forschungsrahmen der Geographiedidaktik

La Reconstruction didactique comme cadre de recherche de la didactique de la géographie


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In recent years and outside of geography education, the teaching principle of Educational Reduction, briefly defined as the simplification of scientific concepts, has been replaced by the model of Educational Reconstruction. This closely combines hermeneutical-analytical research into the science content structure with the educational significance of parts of it, and includes empirical studies on students understanding as well as on the structure of teaching. - (IfL)

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Article de monographie

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Geographische Rundschau, issn : 0016-7460, 2007, vol. 59, n°. 7-8, p. 54-59, nombre de pages : 6, Références bibliographiques : 24 ref.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Braunschweig, Westermann

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