Living silence in Burma. Surviving under military rule

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Updated edition of an account of contemporary Burma which gives insights into the daily life of ordinary Burmese. The A. presents a picture of life under the repressive military dictatorship. She analyses the strategies and techniques the army has deployed to maintain power. Interviews, conducted inside and outside the country, show the type of accommodations people make in order to cope with quotidian survival - as well as some innovative forms of resistance. The repression of the monk's demonstrations in 2007 was a desperate response to a political opposition, better informed and more united than ever before. With increasing numbers of Burmese living and working abroad, and when international engagement with Burma has grown, can the regime sustain itself in the face of the economic and social deterioration at home? 13 parts. 1 : Historical Legacies, 2 : The Ne Win Years, 1962-88, 3 : Breaking the Silence, 1988-90, 4 : Military Rule Continues, 1990-2000, 5 : The Than Shwe Years, 2000 and Beyond, 6 : Families: Fostering Conformity, 7 : Communities: Going with the Flow, 8 : The Military: A Life Sentence, 9 : Prison: Life University, 10 : Education: Floating Books and Bathroom Tracts, 11 : The Artistic Community : In the Dark, Every Cat is Black, 12 : Religion and Magic : Disappearing Jewels and Poltergeists, 13 : The Internationalisation of Burma's Politics, Conclusion: A Different Burma. - (GL)

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N. p., Références bibliographiques : 5 p.

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2009 2ème éd.

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Pays édition : Thailande, Bangkok, Zed Books, White Lotus and The University Press Ltd

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