Quantifying the slip rates, spatial distribution and evolution of active normal faults from geomorphic analysis : field examples from an oblique-extensional graben, southern Turkey

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School of Earth, Ocean and Environment Science, Univ., Plymouth, Royaume-Uni
Dep. of Earth Science and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, London, Royaume-Uni

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The AA. combine a range of geomorphologic techniques with available structural and geological data to decipher the neotectonics of a regionally significant Plio Quaternary Graben in southern Turkey (the Hatay Graben), where the rates and timing of fault motion are presently poorly constrained. In particular, they analyse the drainage patterns in the area to clarify the development of the large-scale basin-bounding faults, and they compare the location and distribution of wind gaps with the position of known faults. Significantly, their data and observations also allow us to estimate the rates and timing of fault motion in the area and to reconstruct the tectonic evolution of the graben through time. The results are important in terms of geological development of the eastern Mediterranean region and also for hazard prediction in the local area.

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Article de périodique

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Geomorphology (Amsterdam), issn : 0169-555X, 2009, vol. 104, n°. 3-4, p. 299-316, nombre de pages : 18, Références bibliographiques : 1 p.

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Pays édition : Pays-Bas, Amsterdam, Elsevier

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