Państwo magnackie w strukturach polityczno-administracyjnych Rzeczpospolitej Szlacheckiej na przykładzie Ordynacji Zamojskiej

Le domaine du magnat dans le système politico-administratif du Commonwealth polono-lituanien, sur l'exemple de l'héritage de Zamość

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The 17th and 18th centuries are a period in the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth marked by the domination of powerful noble families. The increased significance of magnate’s families was closely associated with the development of the institutions of the latifundia, these becoming an important element in the Commonwealth’s system of territorial administration. A typical, or even a model, example of the magnate lordship can be provided by the Zamość entail, since, as a scholar noted, “if the landed estates of magnates were considered then to be a kind of “state inside a state”, the more so the Zamość Entail, established in 1589, can be regarded as a kind of state”. - (BJ)

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Article de périodique

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Przegląd geograficzny, issn : 0033-2143, 2009, vol. 81, n°. 2, p. 173-203, nombre de pages : 31, Références bibliographiques : 90 ref.

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Pays édition : Pologne, Warszawa, Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe

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