Politische Ökologie. Grundlagen und Arbeitsfelder eines geographischen Ansatzes der Mensch-Umwelt-Forschung

Ecologie politique. Les fondements et les champs d'action d'une approche géographique des recherches sur les relations homme-environnement

Umwelt une Ökologie

Environnement et écologie

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Political Ecology has grown from an exotic research interest in the 1980s into one of the most popular and respected research fields in geography which connects politics and political economy to problems of environmental control and ecological change from a social-environmentally produced multi-scalar perspective. The article reflects the main trends of Political Ecology, starting from Third-World-Ecology to the issues of environmental justice and urban political ecology up to the question how neoliberal economic reforms influence the human-environmental interactions in the era of globalization. - (IfL)

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Article de monographie

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Geographische Rundschau, issn : 0016-7460, 2008, vol. 60, n°. 12, p. 4-9, nombre de pages : 6, Références bibliographiques : 60 ref.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Braunschweig, Westermann

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