The job of the river

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Tobacco Road Research Team, Dep. of Geography, Univ. Kentucky, Lexington, Etats-Unis

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Rivers are viewed here as hydrological entities, not geomorphic machines. The geomorphic work of the river (erosion, transport, deposition, etc.) – is a byproduct of the hydrological job of the river. The apparent steady-state equilibrium slope adjustments of rivers are a byproduct of 4 basic phenomena: (1) hydraulic selection, which favors channels and branching networks over other flux patterns; (2) water flows along the available path of least resistance; (3) energy dissipation; and (4) finite relaxation times. Recognizing converging trends of stream power or slope and sediment supply as common (but far from inevitable) side effects rather than self-regulation has important implications for interpreting and predicting fluvial systems, and for river management and restoration.

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Article de périodique

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Earth surface processes and landforms, issn : 0197-9337, 2010, vol. 35, n°. 3, p. 305-313, nombre de pages : 9, Références bibliographiques : 2 p.

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