Philippe Pinchemel, 1923-2008

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Like many geographers of his generation, P. Pinchemel was an all-rounder and undertook research in geomorphology, population geography, urban studies and the history of geography. Holding university chairs in Lille and then in Paris, he became deeply involved in spatial planning and regional development, and was active in the International Geographical Union. He strove to introduce French geographers to new ideas in the discipline that were developing in anglo-saxon countries. He was a firm believer in the unity of geography, defining the subject as the study of the impact of human societies in transforming the face of the Earth, whose landscapes might be read and understood with reference to axes, points, surfaces, shapes, volumes and colours. - (HC)

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Article de périodique

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Geographers. Biobibliographical studies, issn : 0308-6992, 2010, vol. 29, p. 57-72, nombre de pages : 16

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Pays édition : Royaume-Uni, London, Mansell

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