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Polscy prekursorzy idei zjednoczenia politycznego Europy

Les précurseurs polonais de l'idée de l'unification politique de l'Europe

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The article presents the academic achievements of ten Polish researchers or political activists living in the 18th and 19th centuries, all of whom presage European political unification in some degree, in that their work advocates for, and seeks to highlight the necessity of, brotherhood and unity among European nations. Perhaps even more significantly, the liquidation of political borders and the creation of a commonwealth of free states on the European continent is also promoted strongly in the works in question. – (BJ)

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Article de périodique

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Przegląd geograficzny, issn : 0033-2143, 2010, vol. 82, n°. 4, p. 509-529, nombre de pages : 21, Références bibliographiques : 40 ref.

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Pays édition : Pologne, Warszawa, Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe

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