Relative sea level fluctuations in aegean coastal areas from middle to late Holocene

Geomorphology and geoarchaeology : cross-contribution. Geoarcheological session

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Dep. of Geography, Harokopio Univ., Athinai, Grece
Univ. Paris 10, Inst. Univ. de France, EA 375 Gecko, UMR 8591, Nanterre, France
Fac. of Geography, Harokopio Univ., Athènes, Grece
Macquarie Univ., Sydney, Australie

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This study presents and combines data concerning relative sea level fluctuations from six coastal areas in the Aegean Sea, from Thrace to North-Eastern Crete. These data have been derived from analyses and geo-chronologies on coastal sediments obtained from boreholes in coastal lagoons and from beachrock bends. Trends of relative sea level change at the study areas are presented for the last 6000 years and are compared with K. Lambeck’s and A. Purcell's estimations for the same areas. It is concluded that sea level is rising faster in Skyros and Mykonos-Delos insular complex of Cyclades islands, mainly due to tectonic movements or lithosphere elastic deformations.

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International Conference on Geomorphology : Ancient landscapes, modern perspectives, 7, Melbourne, Australie, 2009-07-06/2009-07-11, Geodinamica acta, issn : 0985-3111, 2010, vol. 23, n°. 5-6, p. 225-232, nombre de pages : 8, Références bibliographiques : 29 ref.

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