A GIS application for the study of the morphodynamics in the shoreface area of the German Bight : methods and problems

CoastGIS'99 : géomatique et environnement littoral (Brest, 9-11 septembre 1999)

CoastGIS '99 : geomatics and coastal environmental

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Lower Saxony State Agency for Ecology, Coastal Research Station, An der Mühle 5, 26548 Norderney, Allemagne

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In the shoreface of the German Bight an increase of depth and a related steepening of the profile has been observed over several decades. A negative influence to coastal protection is expected. Extensive evaluations of sea survey data were started to understand the underlying morphological processes. The sea survey data are evaluated with a GIS and found inaccurate for detailed morphological studies. Statistical method for an evaluation of the data quality, morphodynamics and a concept for a morphodynamic zonation of the shoreface based on statistical parameters are presented. The results achieved with a GIS and the developed evaluation methods are more accurate and extensive than with conventional methods.

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CoastGIS '99. Colloque, Brest, France, 1999-09-09, Actes de colloques - IFREMER, issn : 0761-3962, 2000, n°. 25, p. 222-232, Collation : Illustration ; Tableau, Références bibliographiques : 5 ref.

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isbn : 2-84433-036-3

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Pays édition : France, Plouzané, Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer

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